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Our Financial Planning Services

The foundation of our Wealth Management Programs is your Financial Plan. Through the planning process, your advisors will generate high quality, continuous and consistent planning advice, resulting in timely implementation of your financial planning recommendations. The preparation of a Financial Plan is also important, because it provides an opportunity for you to organize your personal and financial information, as well as your legal documents, formulate your personal and financial goals and objectives, develop an Investment Policy Statement, and communicate all of the above and much more to your team of Advisors.

Using Goals-Based Planning to Help You Continuously Monitor Your Financial Planning Progress

All three Wealth Management Programs utilize goals based financial plans because it allows for better communication with our clients. A goals-based financial plan projects the growth of your investment assets and determines the probability of you meeting your financial goals. Your planning progress is regularly monitored to assess what steps need to be taken, if any, to increase the probability that you will meet your goals.

What Planning Topics are Covered in Each of the three (3) Personal Planning Quarterback Service Levels?

Planning Topics

Lifetime Quarterback Service

Enhanced Quarterback Service

Comprehensive Quarterback Service

Balance Sheet Management

Investment Asset Management

Cash Flow Management

Income Tax Planning Limited


Disability Planning

Financial Independence Planning

Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning with Long Term Care Costs


Survivor Capital Planning

Risk Management Planning


Estate Planning


College Education Planning


Fringe Benefit Planning

Employment Related Planning

Business Interest Planning


Participation of Client’s Key Advisors


At Client’s Request

Quarterly as needed

Will I use my Financial Plan again after the first year?

Absolutely! Pinnacle keeps your Financial Plan current and in front of you and your Advisors using our financial plan update service. Your Plan is also available 24/7 through Pinnacle’s secure electronic web portal. Pinnacle monitors your financial projections and continually measures your progress against your goals. Regularly updating your Financial Plan will allow you and your Advisors to take corrective action, if required, to keep you on track in achieving your personal and financial goals and avoiding costly mistakes.