Our Personal Planning Quarterback Services

To maximize the benefits of your Wealth Management Program, you must have an individual whose responsibility it is to organize your data, communicate that data to you and your key Advisors, and then coordinate planning meetings for you and your key Advisors. To address that critical need, each Wealth Management Program provides a valuable and unique planning coordination service called the “Personal Planning Quarterback Service”.

The Personal Planning Quarterback Service is a highly sophisticated internet-based planning coordination service for affluent clients and their families that includes:

  • Organizing client’s documents in a secure electronic vault (“Wealth Management Portal”)
  • Daily tracking of client’s investment asset activity.
  • Daily reporting of client’s investment performance.
  • Making client’s financial plan, legal documents, tax returns and investment information available electronically 24/7 to client and those key Advisors approved by client to have access to client’s confidential information.
  • Conducting quarterly planning meetings for client and, if required, client’s select Advisors to discuss various financial planning issues and options and make informed and coordinated planning recommendations to client for his or her consideration.
  • Follow up the quarterly meeting with written minutes.
  • Track the implementation of client-approved planning recommendations.

To maximize your Wealth Planning results, it is absolutely imperative that your planning process be disciplined and consistent and that your advisors have access to your information, so they can collectively and continuously make the best recommendation for you and your family. Pinnacle’s Quarterback Services provides the disciplined approach to each clients Wealth Management Program.