Pinnacle’s Commitment to Quality Wealth Management Programs

As Wealth Managers, nothing is more frustrating than to counsel a client and/or the client's family member, who has suffered intense emotional distress and/or substantial financial loss which could have been avoided, or lessened, with proper planning. Unfortunately, most individuals do not have access to the proactive planning services needed to reduce their risk of making planning mistakes.

We recognized this problem years ago and developed our Wealth Management Programs to help affluent families avoid those costly planning mistakes.

Our Wealth Management Programs are designed to meet very stringent criteria for the benefit of our clients, such as:

  • Pinnacle is a fiduciary under both state and federal law.
  • Pinnacle is a fee-only wealth manager.
  • Pinnacle does not have custody of any client's assets
  • Pinnacle does not sell any investment or insurance products.
  • Pinnacle receives 100% of its revenue from its clients, no third parties.
  • Pinnacle has a competitive fee schedule.
  • Pinnacle can be engaged to provide:
    • Comprehensive Financial Planning Services
    • Continuous Investment Advisory Services
    • Continuous Financial Planning Services
    • Comprehensive Asset Tracking and Performance Reporting Services
  • Pinnacle works well with clients' other Advisors.
  • Pinnacle discloses all fees paid to it by a client.

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